Where GOAL Fits in the QEP

Look no further than the Broad Areas of Learning (BAL) to grasp how GOAL is implicit in the Québec Education Program (QEP). These five interdisciplinary areas “favour the integration of the learnings in various subjects” (Pre-school and Elementary); “encourage students to make connections between what they learn at school, their everyday lives and social realities” (Secondary Cycle One); and are “a reminder that life is at the centre of school learning and . . . school should make a major contribution to preparing students for it” (Secondary Cycle Two).

One of those areas, Personal and Career Planning (Career Planning and Entrepreneurship in Secondary Cycle Two) is especially pertinent. While wording varies slightly from cycle to cycle, this BAL aims for students to discover who they are as individuals; use their self-knowledge to plan for their futures; and become familiar with the world of work and the social roles and responsibilities they will one day assume.

Sounds a lot like GOAL, doesn’t it?

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