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Compulsory-content pilot extended a year

The introduction of five to 10 hours of compulsory academic and career guidance content into the curriculum, originally scheduled for September 2015, has been delayed. The decision was announced in March 2015 in a letter to all school boards from Normand Pelletier, an assistant deputy minister within the Education ministry. The delay will allow pilot […]

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Louise Adam and Rosemary Hill

A Little Tweak Here, a Little Tweak There

Beaconsfield High School teachers Rosemary Hill and Louise Adam are taking part in the pilot project of 27 schools that are sharing strategies for introducing compulsory GOAL content into the curriculum. Their enthusiasm is all the more appealing because their feet are planted firmly on the classroom floor.

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Attention: Student Bloggers at Work

Two teachers in two elementary schools in the Eastern Townships have introduced blogging into their students’ classroom routine. Through their blogs, students reflect on their learning, chart their progress and leave a positive digital footprint that they can look back on over time.

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GOAL is This Teacher’s Reality Check

Had he never heard of the Guidance-Oriented Approach to Learning, Tim Romanow would still be using it with his class. “Eventually students go out into the world and have to get a job. As teachers, we need to let them know there is a purpose behind everything we do. We need to make learning real for them.”

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Finding Their Place in the Sun

The mission of schools “to instruct, socialize and qualify” is a tall order that only intensifies when students have significant physical, intellectual or behavioural issues. Here’s how a group of RSB educators put their heads together to give non-mainstream students in two separate programs a chance to help each other.

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