November is Career Month!

November is the month to focus on careers! The Canadian Council for Career Development’s theme for “Canada Career Month 2018” is “I know I can, because…” The Let’s Talk Science theme is “What do you want to be when you grow up?” As well, for November Let’s Talk Science has teamed up with the online career and education resource, ChatterHigh.

Canada Career Month 2018 by Canadian Council for Career Development (3CD)

This year, 3CD’s focus is on skills through events, advocacy initiatives, and online activities. They have  shifted the conversation “away from a deficit model and into one that focuses on assisting Canadians to inventory and self-market their transferable skills!”

The national Events calendar on their website is updated daily, and the career community is encouraged to share information about their events. The interactive Community Outreach page provides links for ideas and feedback for expanding and improving Canada Career Month.

Career Awareness Month by Let’s Talk Science, and ChatterHigh

CurioCity by Let’s Talk Science features an abundance of STEM career profiles and resources for teachers. Careers and STEM Connections provides numerous valuable resources for students and teachers.

For Career Awareness Month, Let’s Talk Science has teamed up with ChatterHigh to help develop 150 English and 75 French STEM career profiles. Classes can also participate in the Canada’s Most Informed Classroom challenge to have a chance to win up $15,000 in prizes.

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Thanks to Ingrid Hove Gust, WOTP Project Development Officer for submitting this topic for The GOAL Post.

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