ChatterHigh Seeking Canada’s Most Informed School

ChatterHigh is back this fall with a remodelled website, a new “class challenge” feature, and its second national post-secondary and career exploration competition called “Canada’s Most Informed School.” Beaconsfield High School teacher Jesse Hayes says, “ChatterHigh creates a win-win situation for both educators and students.”

Last year The GOAL Post introduced ChatterHigh and its founder, Lee Taal, to the English language school boards in Québec with articles in December and April. Since then, the ChatterHigh website has had a makeover, more Québec and French language content has been added, and Bishop’s University has joined the supporters of Canada’s Most Informed competitions.

The remodelled website makes it more intuitive for students and educators.

The remodelled website makes it more intuitive for students and educators.

New Class Challenge feature

The new Class Challenge provides an opportunity for teachers to ramp up their students’ career and post-secondary education research. A teacher can invite another teacher to register their class in a challenge to see which one can explore the most websites in a 10- or 20-day period.

Canada’s Most Informed School 2016

The second national competition is open to all secondary schools and runs from October 17 to November 25, 2016. Schools are grouped into four categories according to enrolment: AAAA schools have over 1000 students; AAA have 500 to 1000; AA have 100 to 499; and A schools have fewer than 100 students enrolled, to level the playing field, so to speak. Students are in control of their progress and can view their points, badges, and rankings on their personal dashboard.

Lee Taal visits Beaconsfield High School and Beurling Academy

Lee Taal works with students at BHS.

Lee Taal works with students at BHS.

Nancy Battet, LBPSB’s Community and Liaison Partner, once again welcomed Lee on his recent visit to Montreal. Lee launched ChatterHigh at Beurling Academy in Verdun and at Beaconsfield High School (BHS).

BHS teachers Jesse Hayes and Rosemary Hill welcomed Lee into their classrooms to present ChatterHigh and work directly with the students.

Interactive, fun, and individualized

According to Jesse, “this system is very attractive to students as it is interactive, fun, and individualized.” She adds: “By doing the research, answering questions, and learning about their strengths, interests, and career options, they are also preparing for their future.”

“As an educator,” says Jesse, “I like how the system allows me to track students’ research methods and progress.”

Teachers can track students’ research methods and progress.


Besides the actual benefit of learning about educational and career opportunities, individual students can also win prizes. Jesse notes that students “are motivated to use ChatterHigh because they are receiving rewards.” There are $15,000 in grand prizes to be awarded to the Most Informed Schools.

Community engagement: Students learn about philanthropy

Students can use their points to win draws, or they can donate their points toward cash contributions to the charity, Free the Children. Schools have raised about $144,000 so far, and over $13,000 has been donated to the charity.

You don’t have to be a student or a teacher to compete, but you need to be identified with a particular school. Check out the ChatterHigh website, sign up, and get started.

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