Who’s Who in the GOAL Network: Nancy Battet

Nancy Battet is a Pedagogical Consultant with the Lester B. Pearson School Board (LBPSB) where she oversees the Community Partnerships, GOAL (Guidance-Oriented Approach to Learning), Entrepreneurship and ACGC (Academic and Career Guidance Content) dossiers. Prior to joining the LBPSB team, Nancy worked for the railway and hotel industries, where she was a marketing and communications specialist.

“Don’t ask a student what they want to be when they grow up – ask them what problems they want to solve” (Jaime Casap, Educational Evangelist). This is a quote Nancy truly believes in. She is a proud member of the GOAL and ACGC networks where resources are created to support student learning, bringing true relevance to what is taught in the classroom.

“GOAL and ACGC allow students, beginning in elementary school, to better understand their interests, values, aptitudes and aspirations and how these apply to what they are learning in school. GOAL and ACGC show them where these personal attributes may lead them in their future careers.”

Nancy believes very strongly that students are natural problem-solvers, especially when they are given the opportunity to be leaders in their schools and communities. “GOAL supports the development of an entrepreneurial spirit in students which gives them the opportunity to be ‘change makers’.” Her experience has been that that when students are given a chance to identify a problem, they will work hard to find ways to solve that problem.

“Students need to understand educational pathways.

Nancy also believes students need to understand the educational pathways that are available to them, beginning at the Elementary Cycle Three level, so they may have opportunities to understand the value of the skilled trades, as well as other important pathways such as three-year technical and university programs.

“We are fortunate that GOAL and the ACGC content provide opportunities for our teachers to incorporate these important concepts into their curriculum.”

Doing is Believing

In April the Lester B. Pearson School Board runs “Doing is Believing,” a program for Sec. I students to visit the school board’s vocational training centres. Students are greeted at each department by faculty members, shown around the facilities, and have a chance to ask a few questions. Nancy Battet described the program in her web exclusive published in June 2020 by the prestigious EdCan Network. To read the article, scroll down and click the title: Doing is Believing. Congratulations Nancy!

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