“Entrepreneurial Adventure” to be Tested in Québec

The Western Québec and English Montréal School Boards will soon be piloting a program developed by The Learning Partnership to support classes engaged in entrepreneurial projects.

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While most educators have heard of Take Our Kids to Work™, Liz Falco, relationship builder for Québec for The Learning Partnership, is working to raise awareness of some of the other initiatives sponsored by this national education charity that promotes and supports publicly-funded education in Canada.

Entrepreneurial Adventure is one such program. It provides ongoing support and mentoring to K-12 teachers involved in entrepreneurial projects with their students. The program pairs participating classes with business mentors who, through regular classroom visits, assist students in creating and launching entrepreneurial ventures. Money raised is donated to a charity chosen by the students, explains Liz, who adds that the program “develops students’ confidence and competence in innovation and entrepreneurship, while fostering a unique partnership between the business and education sectors.”

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Photo: The Learning Partnership

Slowly and thoughtfully

The Learning Partnership is now finalizing arrangements to pilot Entrepreneurial Adventure with the Western Québec and English Montréal School Boards during this school year. “Our goal is to get feedback from schools to see if this program does indeed complement the work they are doing in the curriculum and if it fills a need,” says Liz. “We want to move slowly and thoughtfully with a few schools and learn from them how best to adapt our program to the Québec context.” Eventually she hopes to see more schools throughout the province taking on the program.

For more information, contact Liz Falco at 514-290-1388 or email lfalco@thelearningpartnership.ca.


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