Career Development Changes Everything theme for first Global Careers Month

The theme of the first-ever Global Careers Month launching in November 2022 is “Career Development Changes Everything.” In North America, people can participate on social media as “hashtag amplifiers.”

International scope

The North American committee includes CERIC (Canadian Education and Research Institute for Counselling) and CCDF (Canadian Career Development Foundation).  A truly international event, the organizing partners within the Inter-Agency Working Group on Career Guidance (IAG-CGWG) includes UNESCO, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the World Bank and the International Labour Organization (ILO). In addition to the “North America” committee there is a Middle East and North Africa committee (MENA).

Be a hashtag amplifier!

Canadians can participate by choosing their social media platform – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram. Contribute a video or text on what career development means and how it “changes everything” using the hashtag #Amplifier2022. Tag the North American Global Careers Month partners CCDF, CERIC, or NCDA (National Career Development Association – USA).

Flood social media with meaningful stories.

The NCDA writes, “This is our chance to flood social media with meaningful stories that amplify the value of career development.”

Recognition for participation
The North American region will recognize all contributors to the campaign. In addition, selected contributors will receive a gift and publicity.
Global Careers Month – North America Campaign 2022:
Career Development Changes Everything Watch video, with comment from Sareena Hopkins (2min 45 sec)
Prompts available to create your #Amplifier2022 posts
Use any of the prompts below to create your social post and share using the hashtag #Amplifier2022. Your content will be collected on this page, creating an ever-changing wall of inspiration, collaboration and community. All social posts that use the hashtag #Amplifier2022 will be entered into a giveaway with gifts from the Canadian Career Development Foundation,  CERIC and the National Career Development Association.
Visit the IAG-CGWG site
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