Own your finances with CFEE’s new Finlit 101!

The Canadian Foundation for Economic Education (CFEE) has developed a new national program entitled “Finlit 101 x CFEE” – a resource that will help people take ownership of their finances and feel empowered about their financial choices – and have fun. Finlit 101 targets high school students and will soon be fully bilingual. The ten modules currently on the website cover various topics from the basics to financial independence.

On the CFEE website, Finlit 101 is introduced by familiar CFEE presenters in fun, engaging short videos reminiscent of the “My Money, My Future” videos.

Your financial future IS your future!

In the introductory video, the presenter urges students to make the time for financial education and emphasizes, “your financial future is your future. How you manage your money helps you do all the things you want to do in life.”

Finlit 101 is for everyone

As a work-in-progress, Finlit 101 now has 10 modules online, while according to the Project Overview, the target is 12-15 modules. According to the video, even many adults don’t know the meaning of common financial terms and are unsure about their financial choices. Finlit 101 is therefore designed to be “for everyone.”

Sign up as a teacher or a learner

Teachers and learners must create their own accounts, while learners have the option of adding a “Class ID” number. As soon as a teacher creates an account, she/he is offered a video that provides a “walk-through” of the website’s functionality.

Easy-to-use, bilingual work-in-progress

The ten modules are clearly laid out. As you hover your cursor over the title, a synopsis of the module appears on the right-hand side of your monitor. As well, it’s easy to toggle from English to French and back. Not everything has been translated into French yet, but generally the French site mirrors the English. The above-mentioned walk-though was not available in French at the time of writing.

Need help or have a question? Contact Brian Smith!

Since Finlit 101 is still being developed, you may have a question or need help. As always, contact CFEE’s Québec representative:

He – Him
Brian Smith
Vice-President-Quebec, Vice-Président-Québec
Canadian Foundation For Economic Education
La Fondation canadienne d’éducation économique
(514) 817-3941

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