Why Students are Big on Entrepreneurship

Watch as these Secondary I students at Beaconsfield High School explain how entrepreneurship goes hand-in-hand with 21st –century learning.

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According to the latest predictions, some 50 to 70 per cent of today’s young people will become entrepreneurs. To start preparing for that future, Beaconsfield High School Secondary I teachers Rosemary HillLouise Adam and Sylvie Charlebois make a point of involving every student in their classes in an entrepreneurial project. These projects require students to identify a need that is meaningful to them and come up with a workable solution with clear benefits. As the students themselves tell us, that calls for a lot of creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration.  “Entrepreneurship is a perfect example of how we can incorporate GOAL into the classroom. It supports GOAL 100 per cent,” says the LBPSB’s Nancy Battet, who together with Marsha Gouett from MELS, led a recent workshop for English-language educators on “Integrating Entrepreneurship into the Guidance-Oriented Approach to Learning.”

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