“Gradual Implementation” of Compulsory Academic and Career Guidance Content to commence in September 2016

Yves Sylvain, the Assistant Deputy Minister for the Youth Sector, announced in May 2016 that the “piloting” of the Academic and Career Guidance Content (ACGC) will be upgraded in 2016-2017 to “gradual implementation.”

At least one school per school board (and some private schools) will be participating, which will allow for gradual implementation of the ACGC before it becomes obligatory in all schools.

The DGs will designate a school and accompanying team comprised of a minimum of three people: one administrator, one professional, and one teacher. The Ministry will train and support the teams. The designated schools and their teams will be expected to share their expertise with other schools in their board the following year.

In the GOAL Network, we have been preparing for the implementation of the ACGC for a long time and we will continue to work together to support the English community.

FYI: the ACGC in French is: COSP – Contenus en orientation scolaire et professionnelle.

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