Good News for GOAL Practitioners

A 2011 study links career development activities with student retention and academic success.

The study carried out by the University of Derby’s International Centre for Guidance Studies describes career development as “a range of practices designed to help people think about, plan for and manage their careers.” It also “provides a mechanism for linking the curriculum with the learning that students do in extracurricular activities and their wider life.” The study’s findings have direct relevance for GOAL. Its results suggest that . . .

  • Individuals who leave school early often cite their schooling’s lack of work-and life-relevance as a factor in their dropping out; l Students who have a career plan are more likely to stay in school;
  • Career development, if combined with core academic learning, can improve retention, particularly if introduced with younger students;
  • Career development programs can enhance academic achievement and have the greatest effect when introduced at a younger age and in systematic ways.

Publication of the study was sponsored by Career Cruising. The complete document can be found at pdfs/CareerDevelopmentImpacts.pdf.


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